Quality Commitment

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The quality of products and after-sales service commitment

Jiuzhou rubber advocating "integrity Liye, mutual benefit and win-win" spirit of enterprise, adhering to the quality first, the customer first business philosophy, for the customer to provide high quality products and customer satisfaction service, achieve customer value creation, for the enterprise development.

We are committed to the quality of the products is responsible for jiuzhou!

1, to provide customers with the "product sample description" and the relevant specifications of the product specifications / technical information.

2, to help customers to use the equipment to assess the environmental conditions, scientific and reasonable choice of product types, specifications, models.

3, in accordance with the contract requirements, arrange equipment line, designated attendant supervision and technical personnel at the scene, the quality and quantity of timely production and delivery schedule.

4, arrived at the construction site of the project when the tape factory sent someone to transfer.

5, in the project construction site with the factory sent a professional technician is responsible for the provision of conveyor belt installation, adhesive technology guidance.

6, can be used for customer training conveyor belt maintenance and bonding construction personnel.

7, to accept the customer calls, to Han, visit, to ensure that within 2 hours to give a reply, not to leave the trouble to the customer.

8, to the scene to solve the quality problems, ensure 24-72 hours to arrive at the scene to solve the problem of customer production.

9, the establishment of customer files, regular telephone / staff pay a return visit, solicit customer opinion.